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Build Multiple, Device-Independent Applications on
One Platform - VirtualAgility WorkCenter™

Universally, CIOs and CTOs face a daunting challenge — increased demand to rapidly develop software applications for multiple devices, despite tighter budgets and leaner workforces.  They must provide secure access to an enormous volume of key enterprise information --wherever, whenever, and by whatever device users choose-- and also they must provide applications to make that knowledge interactive and actionable

VirtualAgility WorkCenter can solve this challenge by providing an intuitive, cost-effective and versatile development platform where multiple skill levels can participate in developing various fit-for-purpose solutions on the same platform. 

One CTO — who had to seat thousands of new, tech-savvy employees in front of old technology, rather than the powerful new tools they use every day for personal use — is using VirtualAgility to meet this challenge.

Another senior IT manager claims that in his department
“ …With VirtualAgility 3 of our people built in less than 3 weeks what would normally take 50 or more programmers 6 months to build...”

VirtualAgility WorkCenter is elegantly simple to use. Connects to existing systems. Saves development time. Simplifies support challenges.  Avoids most change-order cycles. Aligns the enterprise around policy. Easily brings together dynamic information that matters to business users, with no programming or coding. 

VirtualAgility solutions minimize or eliminate labor-intensive and costly programing – enabling various skill levels of business or technical users to participate in building diverse applications on a single platform.

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